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Proteus Waters is a cleantech business. We provide advanced water and wastewater products and services.  Our modular potable & sewage treatment systems come as turn-key packages (regulatory, engineering, design, equipment installation/commissioning, service and support). We focus on water recovery and re-use economic business models that also deliver leading edge environmental sustainability. We use best available technologies from around the world that carry warranties and global leading regulatory certifications. We provide free training and monitoring for life (stand behind our product and build long term relationships).

The engine of our technology is a membrane, which has proven to be the superior technology adopted around the world. This technology and our manufacturing-based model allows up to 10x better quality, 10x smaller footprint and equal or lower in cost compared to traditional bacterial based solutions. 

Our compact systems can be designed for different population sizes, and are scalable over time. Our core focus is modular equipment packages that treat sewage for small populations. Our most popular sewage treatment equipment packages come in sizes of: 60, 160, 360 or 760 m3/day (or if estimating by population sizes, is approximately: 240, 640, 1400 or 3400 people). For more information on this technology click here.






Smaller Footprint


Less Expensive


Quicker to Implement

(when compared to traditional bacterial systems & lagoons)



Proteus is a Hands-free Water and Sewer Solution Provider. Let us take the entire project and provide you with fixed prices, fixed schedules and warranties/performance guarantees with certified training & support options.
We can manage all aspects of water/sewer projects so you can focus on what you do best. Our system can be operational in less than 12 months. Our expertise is in: regulatory, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, O&M, trust and support, business models, tours, water sales & marketing and social prosperity.  A key reason we are able to do this is due to our manufactured approach that aligns with a proven Delivery Methodology (that incorporates aspects of PMI, ISO900, AGILE and LEAN)

About Proteus

Proteus is a Canadian Water and Wastewater treatment company.

We are proud to associate with advanced water and wastewater experts at a global level and bring this expertise to Canada. Our trusting global relationships occur through our international offices located in Europe, India and United States.

Proteus also has long-term trusting partnerships with First Nations, Non-Profit Associations, Academic Universities/Technical Institutes and multiple levels of Federal/Provincial/Municipal governments.

The Team

Proteus' core engineering team is comprised of all the disciplines required to provide integrated and effective systems. This includes expertise in chemical, biological, electrical, and process engineering.

Proteus has a highly experienced team in advanced mechanical treatment engineering, design, manufacturing, commissioning and training/education. Our team experts are balanced between
education and real-world business with designations such as: PhDs, Masters, Professional Engineers, Agrologists, PMPs, etc.

the company is lead by its Founder-CEO, Jason Tratch. Jason has a scientific background with business experience and has been recognized by the Clean 50 as a leader in Clean Technology.




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Our Purpose

We collaborate with like-minded leaders to build and maintain a culture of advanced water management which includes a strong balance in environment, economics, training/education, health, social and spirit.

We take what traditional regulatory and engineering practices call wastewater and convert it into a precious resource that can be recovered and reused (save money and the environment at the same time).




For any inquiries or questions please call: 306-715-1589 or fill out the form below

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