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- Replace sewage lagoons with a skid-mounted, packaged, modular, manufactured equipment (with warranty & lifetime support)

- Convert wastewater for reuse

Advanced Technology

New to Saskatchewan

Membranes are not new to Canada (operating in Eastern Canada since 1990s), however, we now have locally-approved engineering, design and better-than-expected results in Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

Proteus delivers modular, packaged, pre-engineered municipal wastewater treatment and water recovery/reuse systems.  The technology is referred to as an MBR (or Membrane Bio-Reactor).  It integrates several innovative processes including: pre-treatment, bioreactor, membrane filtration, polishing and biosolids management. The technology is manufactured, assembled and tested before it is delivered to site to ensure you get peace of mind that it will meet your fixed schedule and cost.  

The MBR system is recognized as one of the most reliable and highest quality technologies, to treat municipal wastewater (sewage).  Our treatment results carry certifications and warranty and average results are listed as: 








The treated wastewater that comes out of our technology has been certified in Saskatchewan to be applied to golf courses, crops, fields, animals, car washes, boilers, businesses, etc.  The biosolids that are recovered and pressed can be used as fertilizer or be added to compost. 

Listed below are sample schematic variations of skid-mounted models that we sell.  They can fit within sea-containers or within an existing building or basement, e.g. hotels, businesses, apartments, industrial buildings, etc.

Watch this video that helps describe the process of a typical packaged plant.

Watch this video of a packaged plant that was being commissioned in the parking lot of the factory where it was manufactured before it was shipped to Saskatoon, SK.

Note: this plant has been operating in North-West Saskatoon, SK since early 2019 and has surpassed expectations in terms of how it reliably delivers superior quality

(e.g. CBOD of 3 mg/l, TSS of 1 mg/l).  


Focused Services

- Wastewater is evolving into a "Service-Based Industry"
- We embrace and respect this movement

We understand water & wastewater.  

Our team can support you with all aspects of project management (e.g. planning, engineering, design, regulatory, permits, manufacture, assemble, commission, hand-over, train, O&M) ... we want to enable you to prioritize your time on what you do best! 

We help you avoid risky construction and civil engineering with our approach that includes:
1)    Free lifetime monitoring and training packages
2)    Computer automation and data analytics packages
5)    Cooperative operations and maintenance models and networks
6)    Land-Use & economic development models and project opportunities/investors 7)    Flexible contracts (own/operate, lease/buy, utility)


Proteus has decades of experience in multiple types of technologies. Our transparent approach has formed trusting long-term relationships and references with multiple First Nations, Governmental Departments, Academics, Associations, Businesses and Developers.

We are an innovative CLEANTECH company that will always overlap and address Economics, Environment, Education and Social Health. 


We help protect against regulatory and legal liability risks and are trained in these areas. Backed by leading Engineers, Agrologists, Biologists, and Operators, we certify and warranty our projects and avoid excessive studies, delays, over-runs & change requests.

We like to get involved early to help plan, we can work with your planning & funding team or can permit & deliver the complete packaged water & wastewater solution.

Our culture is built on trust, value and long term relationships.


Benefits and Advantages

Save time, money, environment and lower your risk!

Work with us directly or engage us to support & educate the engineers you consult with. We want to ensure everyone understands how advanced technologies are rapidly becoming the norm. We help protect against upcoming regulatory changes & new liabilities (lowering your risk) and ensure we all get a chance to better protect, preserve and treat our waters.

A brief description of advanced benefits we deliver include:

Technology = membrane bio-reactor, best available technology (BAT), provides 10 times better quality treatment and health (human & ecosystems), 10 times smaller footprint (save land), all at a lower cost when compared to lagoons


Health = lagoons treat eColi to levels of 2,000,000, Proteus levels are 0 (non-detectable) with the ability to remove new Micro-Pollutants (personal care products, pharmaceuticals) and Old Pollutants (toxins, FOGS)


Environment = recover & reuse clean water, avoid groundwater pollution, lessen GHGs & stop killing fish (studies based on multiple scientific journals)


Footprint = save expensive land (e.g. 1300 person plant footprint is < 2,000 sq feet compared to lagoon & setback which is > 4,000,000 sq feet)


Relationships = customers, partners & alliances, long-term trust, value & purpose


Reliability = warrantied, certified, by Billion-dollar Companies, dual-train redundancy

Simplicity = packaged, pre-engineered, manufactured, delivered & commissioned


Costs/Engineering/Construction = exact costs & schedule (avoid over-runs, T&M contracts, change orders & customized engineering one-offs)

Budget = lower costs than lagoons/RBCs/SBRs with flexible financing


Training & Support = certified cyberschool, free training packages for plant life  


Operational Support = web automated, free monitoring packages for plant life 

Logistics = manufactured, shipped anywhere (40 ft containers), low cost & durable


Revenue Opportunity = septic truck drop-off fees (also prevent illegal dumping)


Scalability = uncertain community planning, movable plants or scaled up


Incorporate Upgrades = water regulatory & technology evolves & improves rapidly, Proteus incorporates equipment upgrades (life-long packages)


Set-Up & Build-Time = order, manufacture, deliver & commission in less than a year


Proven & Certified = backed by most strict certifications (e.g. Title 22), approved & operating in SK and surpassing expectations of high quality treatment and consistency  

We need to stop the impacts of pollution now, not in the future.  

The Proteus technology is an alternative solution to lagoons or other traditional, customized bacterial based systems. It is proven that our technology is lower cost, exponentially better quality, more reliable and simple. 

We can educate and demonstrate this and have passionate partners, networks, associations and institutions that will help!


What People are Saying

As we convert wastewater into clean reuseable water, we work with

Developers, First Nations, Small Communities,

Resort Villages, Trailer Parks, Industries, Remote Camps,

Urban Residential/Commercial Developments (edge of cities),

Rural Municipalities (drop-off stations) and customers that are looking to replace or upgrade a lagoon or SBR/RBC.

References and Testimonials

...to help educate and make people aware that our precious water resources need to be using more advanced and innovative solutions.


The plant has exceeded expectations in terms of the regulatory and quality of operations and we are looking forward to making a strong profit financially and a strong statement in terms of how things can be done to help the environment and at a lower cost than traditional technologies.


...cannot push old solutions and high loads of pollution onto First Nations – this does not make sense when there are technologies like this readily available.

First Nations

...developing and implementing strategic solution(s) for community based water treatment and recovery - Agro-food, feed and rural municipality communities generate and release potential harmful effluents into the water systems - intend to utilize membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology for this wastewater treatment/recovery issue.


We understand our purpose and are thankful for the opportunity to form and grow relationships around water and wastewater. We take great pride as we deliver our products and services, or when we speak at conferences, trade missions, government missions, trade shows, schools, universities, etc. 

We love what we do !!! 

Feature Video of Proteus

(created by AgWest Bio Association)

Contact us anytime !

We want to hear from you and enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience...

We want to emphasize our direct field experience in mechanical wastewater and our ability to provide accurate, up-to-date information to you-the-customer.  Please remember that water/wastewater technologies are changing rapidly and direct expertise is essential.

Our team prefers to get involved as early as possible to help plan.  We use proven methodologies and are certified (e.g. PEng, PAg, PhD, PMI, Six Sigma, ISO 9000, CCA, SWWA, etc.). Please contact us directly anytime for up-to-date engineering, education, contact-sharing, regulatory support, etc.


We are purpose-driven and believe that "Water Is Life!"  

Tel: 306-715-1589  |  email: info@proteuswaters.com




We look forward to helping you protect our waters, save money and improve social health and wellness !


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